About Kite & Key Cafe

Mary Jo Brugmann and her daughter, Rachel Baysinger, owners of the Kite and Key Cafe on Franklin Street, is an Ohio farm girl who found herself transplanted to Evansville. Brugmann is also an experienced restaurant owner, as the proprietor of M.J.'s Cafe at St. Mary's Medical Center for over 6 years.

We make soup, salad and sandwiches and a lot of baked goods, cookies, cakes, pies. The café had their grand opening on April 15. The corn beef hash is the best in the area.

The French toast is actually a large cinnamon roll cut in half and dunked in egg custard before being griddled on the flat top. Healthy diners not opting for corned beef hash or biscuits with homemade gravy may choose an egg white omelet, oatmeal with fruit or a yogurt parfait with fruit. Also look for Griddle Cakes. At lunch we incorporate ham and cheese onto the nice chicken breast for the cordon blue sandwich, and my favorites are the wraps. The Franklin Club Wrap has turkey, bacon and avocado with a chipotle dressing. We grill the wraps after they're made so it holds them together and they're warm and soft. Another very popular lunch option is the tuna melt, with a thick layer of tuna salad and cheddar cheese griddled on sourdough until the tuna is warm and the cheese melty and gooey.

The Kite and Key is on Franklin Street, and the name is a reference to Benjamin Franklin, who famously experimented with electricity by tying a key to a kite and flying it in a lightning storm. The décor is refreshing, half modern rustic boutique, half colonial America. The rustic décor, however, was not found at an architectural salvage store or country auction but instead are pieces of the families old family farmhouse and bits that her father saved and stored away over the years.